Conference & Event Feedback

event audience feedback

B2B Research’s Conference and Events Audience Feedback program gives companies an honest evaluation of the events they host, as seen through the eyes of attendees.



Measuring the success of events and conferences hosted by your company is crucial for the success of future events.[/ezcol_1third]



The insights garnered from individual participants come together to form a complete image of your corporate events.[/ezcol_1third]



By collecting the opinions, perceptions and experiences of your audience; you're creating a formula for successful events.[/ezcol_1third_end]

The purpose of our campaigns is to engage attendees about their personal experience and satisfaction following the event; analyse the information; and then look at ways their input can be used drive the success of future events hosted by your company.

Event Audience Feedback

Our Conference & Event Audience Feedback programs enable companies to understand audience participation and engagement, gauge audience perception and reaction to the event and judge just how successful the event really was. This information can then be used to improve on future events.


Taking both a qualitative and quantitative approach, our detailed research campaigns are led using a mix of telephone interviews and self-completion survey questions. We collect feedback from participants; gather unique insights and opinions; and analyse the data.[/ezcol_1half]


Our highly experienced research team will then use the insights captured in the data to isolate strengths, weaknesses and any areas where an improvement is needed. This information is then sent to you within a full detailed report compiled by one our researchers.[/ezcol_1half_end]

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