Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

It Costs 5 Times More to Acquire a New Customer Than It Does to Retain Existing Ones

Research says that it costs a business an average of five times more to win a new customer than it does to sell to their existing ones. Happy and loyal customers are drive sales revenue and are more likely to recommend your business to others, which can lead to new business and more sales. So, in a nutshell, keeping your customers happy is good for business.


Are your customers promoters or detractors?

What do your customers think about your company and brand? Are they 100% happy with your services? Would they promote your business to friends or colleagues?

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Unhappy customers don't always complain

Many companies assume that customer satisfaction is high because customers don't complain; but this isn't always the case. Many unhappy customers say nothing.

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Measuring customer loyalty

The only real way to judge how satisfied your customers are is to ask them. That's why we offer custom research reports that gauge customer loyalty and satisfaction.



b2b customer loyalty


Our campaigns are designed to give you a more thorough understanding of your clients' needs and expectations. This is achieved by delivering comprehensive insights into customer behaviours; actions that promote loyalty; market expectations; and evaluation of their overall level of satisfaction with your business.


The focus is to help you better meet the needs of your customer-base, gain a competitive advantage in your industry and develop a deeper understanding to drive strategy and improve decision making.



Features of Campaigns

  • Fully managed customer satisfaction and loyalty program
  • Kick-off call with one of our research consultants to plan your project
  • Professionally designed survey questions for your industry
  • Survey preloaded and configured into your own online survey software tool account
  • Custom design with your own logo and colours
  • Custom written email invitations to maximise response rates
  • Expert telephone support
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Additional/Optional Benefits

  • Telephone interviewing
  • Survey translation
  • Custom report
  • Onsite presentation


Some of Our Clients

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