Market Insights & Assessment

Tangible insights for companies looking to expand or increase their market share.

B2B Research's market assessment research is designed to help give your business a competitive advantage through a better understanding of your customers, market behaviour and industry.

Relevant information and a deep understanding of your market should be the driver for any business decisions.

Whether you're looking to launch a new product or service, increase your market share, or expand into a new market; a strong knowledge of the competitive landscape is crucial for guiding strategies, anticipating problems and making decisions.


The Market Structure

Assessing the relative value that a prospect perceives to get from a supplier is the underlying objective for all buyer research.

What is the structure and landscape of your market? We help to identify and understand the size and scope of the market; spotting market trends that allow you to pinpoint marketing and sales strategies for optimum results.

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Target Market Needs Assessment

Improve your performance and effectiveness by identifying and addressing the needs and trends of your target market.

Our B2B market research surveys provide a rich source of actionable data and information. Enabling businesses to better anticipate customer needs; and allowing them to structure tailored services for each individual client.

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Brand Research:

Our research studies can determine how your company and brand is recognised in the marketplace, in relation to your competitors.

Assess the value and strength of your brand with our tailored brand management research. Gauge audience perceptions, identify vulnerabilities, evaluate your market position and grow your brand, as well as your business.

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Match prospect expectations and habits by outlining key factors that motivate buying decisions:

  • How often do they buy?
  • How do they buy?
  • Where do they buy from?
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B2B Research can offer answers to some of the most frequent marketing questions:

  • How well known is your company and brand?
  • Perception of your business
  • How your company compares to the competition
  • How your brand is positioned next to the competition

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