Why Us?

Why Choose B2B Research?


B2B Research is an Irish market research agency. As the name would suggest, we work solely within the business-to-business sector. Our expertise has been built up over years of driving successful campaigns for companies in Ireland, the UK and Europe. Our clients range from SMEs to large organisations; and span almost every industry and sector. The focus for our business to help yours grow.

 What We Do


Every single one of our campaigns is designed and conducted from our offices in Waterford. Our in-house professional team is an experienced mix of researchers, account managers and interviewers from a wide range of backgrounds and industries.

We monitor each one of our campaigns closely, working to refine and improve at every step in order to deliver the highest ROI and results for our clients.

Our multilingual team specialise in reaching ‘hard to reach’ audiences who are difficult to pin down and can champion your brand in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

The research solutions we provide are designed to give companies a greater understanding of the expectations, perceptions and needs of the market and customers they service.

 Methods and People


The B2B Research team is a diverse mix of dedicated professionals, all with a common focus towards helping you to understand what and how your customers think; transitioning away from gut instincts and towards a more evidence based approach to decision making.

Employing the latest in computer assisted telephone interview (CATI) technology, we have the skills and experience to guide any campaign, no matter what the size or scope, in a professional manner - but with a personal touch.

Online Survey Software

checkmarket ireland

Our survey solution partner is CheckMarket, one of the leading web-based survey platforms on the market and a tool that offers extensive functionality, security and stability.

CheckMarket is used by government agencies, large corporations, small businesses and individuals the world over for everything from customer satisfaction and employee climate surveys to event registration and course evaluations; and we are proud have them as our partner.

Research Driven By Data

Thought leader

Our data research team are experts in building and guiding data list campaigns, tailored to your company needs. Whether you're targeting new customers or expanding the value of existing customers, we make sure your teams are supplied with the most accurate and relevant data.

We currently possess a master database of over 50,000 accounts, which covers almost every company in Ireland that sells B2B. We place a particular focus on the Top 10,000 organisations in Ireland listed by employee, and our Top 10k list is made up of over 45,000 contacts.


Additionally, we also maintain a database of approximately 30,000 small businesses with up to 15 staff. Other specific target lists include:

  • 600 semi-State Accounts
  • Full list of Primary & Secondary schools
  • 8,000 contacts in the Farming and Agricultural sector
  • 1,500 Religious Contacts
  • 1,400 GPs
  • 350 Computer Network & Maintenance Companies
  • 1,800 Accountants
  • 3,000 Manufacturing Companies
  • 3,000 Pubs
  • 1,000 Sports Clubs
  • 1,200 Symbol Groups (Centra, Supervalu, etc.)
  • Over 2,000 Accounts for Northern Ireland
  • 2,000 Solicitors

Through our management of lead generation and feedback campaigns in both the UK and international markets, B2B Research also has a network of preferred data partners that we have worked with for many years; and who supply us with high quality international company and contact data.


Some of Our Clients


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